Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Yep, that's what I said... Nocember! According to Drew that is the month we are currently in! I got a little run down of 4 year old facts yesterday!

In a VERY MATTER OF FACT Manner he Stated "MOM.....
  • We live on planet Earth,
  • Santa lives in the North Pole
  • IT'S Almost Christmas Because it Nocember!! (a 4 year old mix up of combining Novemebr & December)
  • Santa is going to bring him his Rock Star Stuff Because he is going to be a star SOON!
  • You should wear a lot of dark red lipstick because it a happy time... It's Christmas! "

So I was chuckling to myself today thinking of Drew's made up month Nocember! But to me it kinda feels like NOCEMBER! Christmas is rapidly sneaking up on me? We are half way through December, and I feel like hours ago it was November!

As you can see Trent didn't enjoy Sitting with Santa! Drew on the other hand is just anxious to spout out all of the items on his list! HE WANTS SERIOUS BIG BOY STUFF!! Speakers, Microphone, Rock Star Clothes... Where does he come up with this stuff?

We Have managed Deck the Halls around here, we have visited Santa (still need to visit him again at the Mall) we are a few Holiday Parties Down, 2 Birthday's Down (Sister Shannon & Brother Will), and the Christmas Cards are Out....

BUT I haven't had one second to sit back and enjoy one bit of it! I haven't even purchased ONE Christmas Gift!! Christmas Shopping is one of my FAVORITE things to do!! I might be the only person who LOVES walking, browsing, people watching in crowded Malls during the Holidays. It all makes me sooo happy! I can't wait to get out there, and tear it up!!

So Happy Nocember!

In a few Days, I'm putting an end to the madness & Craze I have created for myself with my little business! I'm throwing in the towel for the year, and focusing on OUR DECEMBER!! Fulfilling peoples Trew Luv Christmas Wishes has ME WAY BEHIND!

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