Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Coming Up for Air

Wooooowza! Talk about Christmas Craze!
It's December 1st, and if this is any indication what this month has in store for me as far as Trew Luv is concerned.... GOODBYE UNTIL January!

Trew Luv has been shown some MAJOR Luv Lately! With very little spare time over here, I feel like I'm coming up for air and taking a little break to blog! I feel like up to my eyes (very heavy eyes) in fabric, pearls, rhinestones and needles!!

Talk about needles, those bad boys are DANGEROUS!! I have a Toy story band-aid on my thumb and Spider Man one on my middle finger! I have my sewing machine to thank for both... I guess I'm not at the top of my game at 3:00 AM! But I'm not too worried about how fashionable my fingers are.... I have Darling accessories on my head to distract your eyes from roaming towards my Colorful Boy Band-aid covered fingers! Plus the only place you will have found me outside of this TREW LUV FACTORY for the last few days is the POST OFFICE, shipping out orders! Pretty cleaver Idea hugh??? That was also my grand plan for an enormous mistake of OVEREATING TERRIBLY this Thanksgiving... Wear The FLASHIEST headbands possible and make Great eye contact... That way NO one will notice that my pants barley button!
Speaking of Thanksgiving! We had a Fabulous Thanksgiving... two as a matter of Fact! One Thanksgiving Day with the Johnson's, and the Second with my Family that I hosted for the first time ever Saturday! Both were lovely!

So with all of the Crazed Shopping Women out there... YES, I'm a little sleep deprived Sure.... BUT you won't hear any complaining from this girl! I AM Grinning ear to ear, and so is my Jess.... He checks the order forms every night as he comes to kiss me goodnight and I stay awake cranking em out! I see him Grin too!
Not bad for a Stay @ Home Mama... Not bad at all!

And if I can get past this Christmas with all my fingers.... I'll be able to Introduce, Some NEW FASCINATING Goods, you are all sure to LOVE!
Anyone Need a Job?
ME in Trew Luv and one Of my real life Trew Luv's Drew...
the EW in TREW
Taken at our family shoot last month by Jessica Cole... this was before all of the Crazienss took place that day!

Might I also mention my Thankfulness for the AMAZING Photographers who not only purchase from me, but also share their greatness with me! Thank YOU Thank YOU!! Below was taken my a friend's / photographer Samantha , this little band here has been keeping me pretty busy, you can find it on the heads of baby girls, as well as women nation wide!

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