Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tee Time & Tea Time

The Last Two Saturdays in a row have been fun filled events with the ladies! One was a Miniature Golf event (hints the Tee Title). It was a Pub Crawl benefit Golf Tournament.  We knew that the teams were going to be dressing in themes. WELL just so happens the event was smack dab int he middle of the Kentucky Derby (which we are obsessed with), so we found it fitting to be Derby Ladies! We had no clue...BUT it just so happens that there was a contest... in which WE WON!  At least golfing, and walking the Entire town in heels paid off for something, since our golf game didn't get us very far!
The Tournament took us right through little sissy's work! Isn't she a doll! And Look Below at Miss Maggie about to show us her stuff! Cutest Golfer EVER, I must say!

This last Saturday, we attended a Hands of Hope Tea Party. Another Hat donting event! Once again we had a lovely time, sipping delusion teas, eating scones.... AND enjoyed yet again another win!  Again.. we had no clue a contest would take place, and yours truly took home, most Glamorous! I'm not sure if that was the case, or if the ladies all felt sorry for me and had a clue that the gift basket I was about to win was full of Teas... I need to sip on this stuff... I have had NO voice for almost two weeks! And we all know how much I like to talk! This is ridiculous!

Maggie, myself, and Rachel
 (just a day and a half before she Delivered Lily)

It was fun while it lasted BUT I don't think any hats are in the plans for this weekend ;)

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