Monday, May 30, 2011

Trent Turns Two!

I can't believe my little man has turned TWO! His Birthday was Friday, but we have been all over the place this Memorial Day Weekend... so this is a little late. He is such a little character! So full of energy and spunk, and has developed quite the vocabulary! "Daddy Drew Hit me"... is his favorite line... JUST BECAUSE IT GETS OUR FULL ATTENTION! Although it's never true... He is something else, poor little Drew!

He LOVE to Mow Mow (mow the grass) and want to do it all hours of the day!
He LOVES wearing caps... and barley ever goes without!
He LOVES his Pillow, and we have to take it everywhere!
He LOVES the attention his broken foot has given him, and loves to tell you all about his BROKE foot!
He LOVES Hot dogs and wants them the second he wakes up!
HE LOVES That it's his Birthday! HE has been saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY, for the last 3 days!
He LOVES cows and want to go to his Mimi and Papa's everyday!
He LOVES his Brother, and wants to be everywhere he is.. he hates mornings when Drew goes to school!
He LOVES Baths, it's his favorite part of the day!
HE is adorable, and we LOVE him so! 

But he is growing just too fast, and it's making me sad that I no longer have a little baby! Though he will always be my baby, he's just getting too darn big!!!
 These are a couple of shots that my friend Samantha captured for us, to remember him at 2! And to create the most adorable Birthday Party invites! Thanks Samantha, we love them!

 Trent came in the other day from the sandbox with a diaper and crack full of sand. So I striped him  down and sprayed him off in the sink... and then decided to just give him his bath... He had a blast!
                                                    Another favorite of my little birthday baby!
Happy Birthday Trentie Poo! Mommy Loves you!

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