Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birthday Girl!

My Sister Jennifer just celebrated her 20th Birthday! May 18th to be exact... but I've been NOT Blogging as you can see... and she has been NOT free to celebrate! I'm so extremely Pound of her, working her little tushy off, but come on.. a girls got to have a little fun! SO Monday night she finally had a night off to celebrate being 20 with the family! This time next year we will be pool side lounging it up in Las Vegas! I've promised her that for oh, probably the last 5 years!  Who better to go to Vegas with than you're awesome Big Sissy!?!?  I'm sure she could think of a few, so they can come along too! I can't wait!

                                               I Love her To Pieces, she truly is the Best!

                                               We Had Sushi, her favorite! We Had a Blast!
                                                            Love You Jenni Poo!

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