Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Late at Night

It's late at at night when all of the boys are sleeping is when I tend to get thing done! Jess usually falls asleep on the couch...so before waking him I do my things. Which lately has been sort of a strange hobby....strange that is for a mother of two boys! This last Christmas I was pregnant with Trent....though I did not know it was Trent in my tummy. For a split second I was sure it was Jane, or June or Kate (all the names I wanted for a Girl). For those couple of weeks thinking it may be a girl I went CrAzY looking online for bedding, dresses, accessories, you name it! EVERYTHING GIRL!! Well I came across ALL SORTS OF BOWS!! And who would have thought that BOWS would catch my eye???? I HATED BOWS, I HATED THEM WITH A PASSION!! My crazy mother had me in a bow, a big ridiculous one at that EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE!!! I swore to her I would NEVER make my daughter wear a bow!! And I won't because I will not have a daughter ha ha ha!! But if I did she would be decked out in bows because I started making my soon to be daughter all sorts of them. Sorry for all that grief mom!! I looked quite darling I must say!

After finding out that I had a boy in my tummy on Dec. 17th (I was ecstatic I might add) I gifted all of the bows to my girlfriend Rachel's daughter baby Audrey! She looked beautiful in them...so beautiful that people started asking her momma Rachel where she got them! So now my nightly activities are you guessed it, making bows, headbands, skirts, anything little girl!! I'm selling a bunch, it's been a lot of fun! So here are some of my makings!!

And the one boy thing I can make

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