Monday, August 17, 2009

Little Trent

My Little Handsome got a Hair Cut

Today was quite the day for Mr. Trent! We started it off with Surprising mommy with rolling over! While folding laundry on my bed, Trent was laying there just watching my every move when all of the sudded OVER he went! From his little back to his tummy! YAY TRENT!! He is 11 1/2 weeks today...I don't remember when they are supposed to roll over for the first time??? BUT I'M SURE PROUD OF HIM...I THINK HE IS SUPER SMART :) And NO, it wasn't a fluke! I put him back on his back and immediately back to his tummy he rolled! HE is getting so BIG! Next came HAIR CUT time! Yesterday he looked darling in his new shoes, so I took about a hundred pictures of him...while doing so HIS LONG HAIR WAS MAKING ME CRAZY...SO SNIP SNIP went his wispy side wings! He looks so much more handsome now!

He is Becoming QUITE THE THUMB SUCKER! YIKES...I'm trying to prevent it!!

Here he is modeling his HANDSOME FIRST HAIR CUT

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