Saturday, September 26, 2009

We Shall See

What little Drew will end up being for Halloween?!?! We have had big plans for a few weeks now that Drew was going to be a Football player and Trent was going to be a football! Before that Drew REALLY wanted to be a Mama Dinosaur & he thought that Trent should be his baby Dinosaur...SUPER CUTE IDEA I THOUGHT! That was until we looked on line & found NO cute Dinosaur outfits! He LOVED the football player! Those were the plans UNTIL today!! BECAUSE TODAY we were strolling down the lane at Target when he caught a glimpse of this......from the second he woke up this morning he has been a SUPER HERO (as he puts it).
We discussed that he was going to be a football player...BUT WHEN HE HIT ME WITH PLEASE,PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE! I thought the kid can be WHATEVER HE WANTS!! A CHEESY CHEAP Spider man outfit it is!! FOR NOW! Now I just have to come up with ANOTHER idea for Trent!! Here he is today looking as darling as ever!! I can't believe he turns 4 months old tomorrow!

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