Thursday, September 3, 2009


Recently the boys have been getting just plain spoiled!! It seem like packages are arriving every time we turn around! The UPS man has been at our doorstep so much he is becoming our friend:) So every time the door bell rings Drew thinks he's getting a preset!!! It's pretty fun!! Here are some of the goodies the boys have received lately!

  • First came THE SHOTGUN!! Drew had been wanting one soooooo bad ever since Logan got his! YAY Grandma (mom) for finding the perfect gift in good ol OKLAHOMA!! As well as the cutest little Baseball frame! THANKS!
  • Next came Trent's blanket from Aunt Barbara! It is just precious! They are laying on it in the photo. It has Tents name & Date of birth on it! Drew has one from when he was born too. THANKS AUNT BARBARA, they are super special!!
  • From Debbie and Wiley came the cutest crane & farm animal toy! We opened it and Drew was so excited for Trent to have a new toy! Later that night I cleaned up the mess and took the box to the garage. As I tossed it, I heard a loud clunk....thinking Drew had maybe thrown a shoe or who knows what in the box. As I pulled out all of the wrapping paper I found another present at the was for Drew!!! He had already gone to bed, so in the morning he was surprised with his gift!! THANKS GUYS, THEY LOVE THEM!
  • And the 49er shirt...OH THE 49er SHIRT! Last Sunday morning while getting ready for church, I heard Jess on the phone in the office. What was he doing in the office while we were scrambling to get out the door...and what was he doing on the COMPUTER!?!?!? He is NEVER ON THE COMPUTER!! He and Drew were on the NFL site, shopping for new shirts for the season!!! Drew & Trent both got new shirts!! As you can see DREW WASN'T TOO HAPPY WHEN IT CAME IN THE MAIL!! He was certain his FOOTBALL SHIRT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A JERSEY LIKE THE REAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS!! He said "a shirt??? I ALREADY HAVE SHIRTS I WANT A JERSEY!!" I told Jess he was really crying BECAUSE HE IS THE SON OF A 49er FAN!!!! HE DIDN'T THINK MY JOKE WAS TOO FUNNY!! He started to like his shirt, after Daddy talked him into it!

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