Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Away for the weekend!

This Labor day weekend we had an opportunity to go to Mendocino for the weekend! And we jumped for the chance to stay a couple of FREE nights at our HONEYMOON destination! It was wonderful to get away..although leaving the baby's was heart wrenching! I cried as we drove away form Mimi & Papa's house. It made it that much harder having Drew teary eyed as we drove away!

Cow Camp Catering needed a couple of hands catering a wedding for a High School buddy of Jess'. The job came with 2 free nights at an ocean side hotel...who could pass that up:)

We missed the boy's like crazy..but knew they were having a blast with Laurie! When we picked them up they were at Laurie's fair, and Drew was helping pass out ribbons to the winners of the Goat show! It was pretty darn cute! While with Mimi Drew always tends to wear himself out, so we got the boys home bathed and ready for bed!! But not before snapping some shots of the handsome little guys!

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