Monday, April 19, 2010


We aren't up to much lately, we had a pretty peaceful weekend since It was just me & the little guys this weekend! Jess has been busy working & helping his father! SPRING means GO TIME IN THE CATTLE BUSINESS! He really is the most hardworking, unselfish, helpful man I know! ALWAYS DOING FOR OTHERS WITHOUT HESITATION!!

Spring also means GO GO GO time for Trew Luv as well!! Flower Fever is happening :) I'm beginning to get a little nervous, wondering am I going to be able to keep this up ALL BY MY SELF? The last couple weeks HAVE BEEN BEYOND SPECTACULAR with orders! I might be taking full advantage of my husbands marvelous trait of "HELPING HAND" and teaching him the ROPES (out of the branding pen) with a needle and thread!! Ha ha ha, we'll see how well that goes over!

We Missed Jess, so we headed out and caught some end of the day action!
Loading the Trucks! Trent's new pucker face!

I hope everyone reading this will have a STEAK, while wearing Trew Luv headband:)
I'm Looking forward to doing so tonight!
My girlfriends and I are going out to Dinner to celebrate my dear friend Maggie's Birthday!
My next post will be a little more GLAMOROUS I promise!


  1. I love all this "Ranchy" talk!! I am so excited for you and Trew Luv!! By the by the blogs going private again!! I hope you still read! :) Yay!! I think I am going to have a big fat steak for dinner too!! Who doesn't eat meat?? :) heehee

  2. Jacklyn you make me laugh!!!! I will wear my Trew Luv headband to dinner...BUT I'll have to think about that steak! lol! Glad to hear business is good for both mom and dad! :)

    *oh and this is Tiffany! not Billy! :) He was signed in last and I didn't feel like erasing my comment and rewriting it signed in under me!


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