Monday, April 12, 2010

Paula Deen the cooking Queen

I have such an obsession with this woman!! I LOVE Paula Deen SO much so that my favorite Aunt Satcie got me this!

I used it last night and as I was holding it, I thought Paula Deen has held this very book!! Hahah, I know that's ridiculous! But I really adore her! I have also found another AWESOME cook book author that I am really LOVING these days! Ree Drummond, a jack of all trades, a ranchers wife, and a mother who is just as creative as ever, and not to mention cute! Though I don't know of how PIONEER she really is....I know a few women who could knock her socks off in the Ranchy Department! If Only my grandmother could Blog! Not saying she is Ranchy...she is as ladylike, prim & proper as they come! BUT, she could have a fabulous site full of THE WORLDS BEST COOKING, A REAL RANCHING HUSBAND, and anything else country & crafty you could imagine!

Check Ree out { here }

Ree is right up my alley!

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  1. Oh my gosh Jacklyn, I love Ree...I am obsessed with her and I think it's my life goal to figure out how to be an excellent photographer, have a cute house, be a fabulous cook, homeschool my kids, seriously...who does that??? I turned her on to my husbands Aunt and she got me her cookbook for Christmas, I really love it..if you don't own it you should get it, it's super cute!


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