Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Was another blasted rainy day!

Is is ever going to turn nice out? But, besides that TODAY Trent turned 11 months old! One more month and we will have a one year old on our hands! I can't believe it! Hopefully the weather will be nice by then...because I am in the works of planning the most darling Carnival themed Birthday bash!

Here he is waking up from his nap!
And what an extra long nap it was! He napped for 3 solid hours! That has to be a record breaking nap in this house! But I am EXTREMELY grateful for it! That amount of peacefulness made it possible for me to finish up, the record breaking amount of Trew Luv pieces that have recently been ordered! It is completely mind boggling to me how well this flower business is treating me! Here are some of the treats I've had the pleasure of making!

Don't they look amazing when they find their home, on a sweet little baby's head? I know the coffee table shots I take here do them no justice!

{ these little pretties can be found by clicking here }

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