Friday, April 9, 2010

CrAZy Do

This sweet little thing had CrAzY hair day at school today! I have yet to allow him to participate when they do this at school, always sending him with his usual come over sweet boyish do! He REALLY wanted a MOHAWK!As you can see I gave in, I couldn't resist his sweetness! Every once in a while his school will have striped socks day, hat day, or something clever & fun!

HE WAS SO EXCITED to show off his WILD HAIR DO!!! He walked in with a grin ear to ear! He has only had Mohawks in the bathtub! Well, besides that one time my girlfriend Rachel slathered his hair in gel and spiked it into a hideous mohawk, while I was using the restroom at her salon!! I could have rung her neck! This was it besides that....and boy did he LOVE it!! He told me he was 12 on the way to school!! I guess 12 year old have Mohawks!! :)

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