Monday, August 2, 2010

We Did It

We successfully pulled off Jess' 30th Surprise Party! He was SHOCKED!! NEVER in my life have I seen Jess at a loss for words! His jaw Dropped as he pulled in and saw all of the familiar faces! He was actually a bit embarrassed, and walked to the side of everyone and stood quietly! I had to encourage him to go play with his friends! It was Fabulous in every way! The weather, the turn out of friends, the food & drinks! I must say I did a good deed as a wife, he is amazed I was able to pull this off! I couldn't have done it without Will and Laurie, they were a huge help! I did not get very many photo's and go figure I have NOTHING to show for the amazing entrance and Surprise!

Besides the fact of no good photo's....everything was Perfect!
And for the record...I CAN KEEP A SURPIRSE!!

Warming up to the fact that this party was for him!! Jess and some buddies as he began to mingle!

Jess and one of his best friends Jarrod! Jess is the Best man in his upcoming wedding in October!

Our Family!

A few of the Girls while the men are busy playing horseshoes!

Like I said before, we are all about the birthdays lately! Yesterday was the last of the Party's for a while now! Logan's 4th Birthday party was a great time at Bounce U! I'd love to say we have a free calender...but I can't! Next weekend is my 10 year High School Reunion! Now, if I didn't have all of these bags of chips and cupcakes leftover from the party I'd be great! Instead I'll probably eat way too many cupcakes this week & not fit into my dress!! FABULOUS!!

Back to Jess.... I hope you had the best birthday yet!Cheers to your next 30 years!!


  1. haha! love the awesome wife part! you are awesome! I'm glad everything went perfect and that he was surprised! and I can't believe its time for a 10 year reunion! Mine must be right around the corner!


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