Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebrating in the City

WOWZERS.... Where have I been? Under a see of Trew Luv flowers it seems! Someone must have let the flood gates open! I haven't had time for much..including sleep!But that hasn't stoped me from spending the last couple of weekends on the coast with those I love the most!

So allow me to back up a bit!
Two weekends ago, we Celebrated Dear Kesley's last hooo-ra, as a single woman! Shannon and I met up with the crew in San Francisco for an amazing night of fun to hold her over for a lifetime! I love Kesley, and have known her since the day she was born! She is more of a sister or a cousin to me, and I often forget that she really is not blood related.. but she is family! Our mothers have been best Friends since they were young little ladies, and still are to this day! What an amazing friendship they have, to create such a bond amongst their children!

This weekend is her Wedding in Turks and Caicos... AND UNFORTUNATELY I CAN'T ATTEND!! I am heartbroken about it! My mother & Shannon will be off on Thursday, and I'm pretty darn jealous!

Mrs. Tait to be....

I love you to pieces :) And I love that you read my blog!

Here she is in a picture she sent yesterday... hanging on the beach awaiting her guests!! I love you Kess, and wish you and JT all the happiness in the world!!

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