Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pink October

To heck with Orange & Black.... All I am focused on this month is Pink! This last weekend we had planned a very exciting get-away! My boys & I along with Shannon and her boys were all planning on heading to Monterey for the weekend to meet up with my mother who flew in from Oklahoma! That was of course before I had been asked to join in on a very special Pink October Event! How could I say NO?? So with a little delay in our Vacation Get-away, I gladly jumped at the opportunity to help & donate my time and flowers for an amazing Cause!

I made countless PINK Trew Luv goodies to sell at the PINK October Race for the Cure! All of the proceeds went straight to the cause! Flowers of all shapes, shades, and sizes were being flung left & right! Something to suite any girls liking! They were a hit! I am so honored I was asked to participate, and am grateful I have an avenue that I am able to help even if it is in the slightest way!!

I have plenty where that came from, so think Pink EVERY DAY this month! Weather with a flower or sweater, nail polish...

Whatever is may be Be Pretty in Pink!

The Morning flew by and then we were off to Monterey... Well after I fixed my flat tire!!!!

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