Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beach Boys

On our recent trip to the Ocean the Boys Had a Blast! I on the other hand was a complete wreck! I'm a pretty good swimmer... BUT will be honest in saying the OCEAN and it's enormousness scare the heck out of me! I am sooo much a flat land kink of girl! Those waves come and the tides are just a bit too much for me to be comfortable around! Sure sitting back and watching the beauty of it and the soothing sounds it fantastic! BUT this was my first time to the ocean with my baby's AND I wasn't about to let them get swept away!!!! I'm pretty sure I spoiled their fun by calling them back ever second and demanding them to stay by my side!! NOT only was I afraid of the water taking them away.... The large fin of a something HUGE was lurking just a ways out!! Shannon and my mother were amazed while watching "dolphins" so they say!! Last I checked Dolphins were cute and playful splashing in and out of the water...

These "Dolphins" stayed under with their eerie fins perched out of the water!!!! In my book we were amongst the company of SHARKS!!!! Hopefully I will ease up a bit because with my mother's possible move coming up I'm betting this country girl will be spending a lot of time on the Beach with my Beach Boys!! Who knows my little guys may end up to be surfers, instead of Cowboys, and Ball players like I have always imagined!! They LOVED it and had no fear! I STILL wish I hadn't of lost my camera on our fun little vaca :( Here are some pic's my sister-in-law Shannon Took! She's pretty awesome!Trent hated being taken away from the water!! This picture with my mother shows it.....


  1. I love all of the pictures!!! Wow, how fun. Except for the fact that I am TERRIFIED of the ocean, and that my friend, looks like a shark to me. YIKES!!! Hope you get to visit this place often in the near future!!!

  2. Great post! Jealous you get to go to Monterey!! Pictures are great! Remind me to tell you about the story of Lee swimming with a pod of dolphins in Maui!!

  3. Too cute!! I didn't know your mom was here! Tell her HI from us!!!


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