Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Been Busy

Busy Bee that's ME! Though you wouldn't notice...since I usually Blog About EVERY LITTLE FAMILY EVENT! But I have been I promise....

~I've Been~
  • Flinging Flowers

  • Creating New Pieces

  • Awaiting My nephew's arrival.... to finally Meeting New Baby Reed (that's right... My Sister- in-law Sallie Had a Boy)!

  • Mimi's Birthday (My Mother In-Law)

  • My Mothers Visit from Oklahoma

  • A Rehearsal Dinner's

  • A Fabulous Wedding... In which my husband was the Best-Man in

  • AND a trip to Monterey, CA... which was the Boy's First Trip to the Beach!

The Kind of event's that you'd find me with MY CAMERA ALL UP IN YOUR FACE!
If you know me, or have ever been anywhere with me... you'd know that I NEVER, NEVER EVER forget my camera! Though I'm not a great photographer.... nor do I have a super Expensive camera.... I have it in my hand AT ALL TIMES!

So how is it that I don't have my own captured images from these Fabulous Events???????


I LOST my camera :(

Well I'm pretty sure that the maid at the hotel snatched it... She must have needed it more than I did... Actually with the cost of living there... I'm pretty sure she did! I know this because we spent some time scoping out places.... Stay tuned for the reason why :) I hope I was of some help to her! I also Hope she enjoys browsing through the 1500 pictures on my chip! AHHHH It makes me sick!!

It's been a grueling past week and a half... But I NEED to come to terms that's it gone... And buy a new one already!!!! Especially since this weekend we have Many More Fabulous Festivities to attend!!

Here's a peek at our fridge.. Full Of Events

  • A Meg Whitman Campaign Dinner (which I'm SOOO excited about... GO MEG!)

  • My Wheatland HS Reunion

  • And My Girlfriends 30th Birthday Masquerade Party.

I should have already blogged about all of those family events I listed above... But me being an EXTREMELY visual person... I refuse to blog with out precious pictures... So I'll wait until I get pictures from other Camera Happy people :)

Maybe it's a blessing in disguise.... I have been wanting to buy a NICE camera, so I can take decent photos of my boys, and of my flowers, rather than depending on Photographers to capture them for me. SO I guess, I'll set aside my shopping for new office/sewing/creating space/Trew Luv studio transformation of our 4th bedroom, AND Bite the bullet and buy a new Darn Camera instead!

Maybe then I can do this on my own..... Snap a good product shot for once! And not have to wait for a Photographer to come along and buy a piece, then share some pics with me! Here are some Professional Favorites of My Recent Trew Luv Pieces! I LOVE SEEING WHERE THEY ALL END UP!

Speaking of Professional Pics! Drew Just had some Pretty Adorable School Pictures taken.. they even aloud siblings to tag along.. SO I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING THOSE!! ALSO we have our families Picture's for our Christmas Cards coming up!!

Between, Meeting Meg, another HS Reunion, & a Masquerade Party I'll be having plenty to blog about!! I'm off Until next time.... or until I get some pictures :)


  1. Great seeing you today! You're one busy girl! We won't be there on Saturday night at Nicole's Party:( Rascal Flatts concert is Saturday night! Hope you get a new camera soon! I need one too! Love ya!


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