Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Best Man...

It seems as if I'm not the only person who finds my Handsome Husband completely and utterly Fantastic! He was recently the Best man in one of his best buddy Jared's Wedding! This was his 3rd time holding the title BEST MAN. On top of that he's been in countless weddings... he really is the BEST, and It's not just me who thinks so! His awesome character, kindness, loyalty, and easy goingness have him LOVED by many!

OK I'm sounding a little biast... But Truly he is fantastic!

As was Jared & Betsey's Country Wedding!

They make the most darling couple. She was one of my first friends as I entered life with Jess! They are all from another town where I knew few people when Jess and I started dating. I quickly had Betsey tagged as one of my favorites! So when her and Jarred started Dating for the second time around we were ecstatic.. Jarred and Betsey dated for years... then took a little break in college & then reunited...

It was filled with COUNTRY GOODNESS !

Not only is Betsy Darling... she came up with the most darling touches to make her wedding SO HER! It was one of the cutest wedding I'd ever been to!

I've NEVER seen Burlap look so good!

~They Served Pie instead of cake... Delicious pie at that!
~Guests sat on hay bales during the ceremony.
~It was located on the family ranch under the big blue sky.

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