Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Little Fall

Fall is My Favorite Season!

I'm in Love with the tosty Fires we are having in the Fireplace every night, Hot Coco, The Colors of the Trees as they change, Colder Weather, and Trips To Bishops Pumpkin farm.
We have Enjoyed A LOT of All of these things so far!

Here we are Picking Pumpkins @ The Pumpkin Farm!

After a few Trips To The Pumpkin Patch, we were pretty well set for

We had a Great one, though it was bit different this year... We changed up by having it at our house! We have Always done it at Jake And Shannon's in the past!

Here we have Our Spooky Vampire, Ninja, Scare Crow, Stinky little Skunk & a Country Diva.

I Love Fall because of the plain Beauty of it... And Because Thanksgiving, & My BIRTHDAY!!!

But this Year it has been SUPER SPECIAL SO FAR because......

My Mother & Sister Jennifer are OFFICIALLY CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS!!!!

And I'm In love with their Location! The Fact that my mother Took the Job in Monterey makes me ONE VERY VERY HAPPY GIRL!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH TO ME!!!! Ohhh how I'm looking forward to spending LOTS AND LOTS OF TIME THERE!!

I'm thankful that we will be able to make many memories like this one here in Monterey a few weeks back when she came to scope out the Area... and meet with the company!! It will be so nice to see each other regularly & not have it cost us a Fortune!!

Happy FALL Everyone!!


  1. I am so happy for you and your family to be back close together! Yay...that you're mom and sister and so much closer! Family is one of a kind!


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