Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Girls Getaway

All because of this Pretty little thing....

We headed to Napa for the Celebration of Charity's 30th Birthday! It was such a fun time! With Lovely Ladies, Fabulous Food, and the most darling home of Natalie's Aunt & Uncle, it couldn't have been any better! Well I could have lived without the Rain!

The gang just before hitting the road to Napa This has been quite a year of 30th Celebrations....EVERYONE around me is turning 30! Now that I've seen how it's done, with all of these Parties...this is how I'd like to kick of my 30's! This trip took the prize as how it should be done!!

I still have a year :)

{I guess I just surround myself with old folks}

Yesterday was her official Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Friend!!

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  1. Had such a great time!! Thank you for coming with:) Now stop making me look bad!!I promise to blog very soon! xoxo


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