Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Had Enough

By the Time this Picture was Taken, My Boys ( Husband Included)
Pictures are one thing that does not fly with any of them!!!
So We had a Family Shoot... like we do EVERY YEAR, for our Christmas Cards!
And this Year things got a little wild! I can usually beg and plee with them to cooperate for just a second, so we can capture a pleasant Beautiful Family Photo....

Our Shoot Started out just fine with the talented Jessica Cole, and proceeded DOWN HILL as it went on! I felt so bad for her!! It's clear that My Begging wasn't working this time!

It was like a segment the 3 Stooges... Of course The Johnson Boys all being the Stooges!!!

  • First Trent (the Tornado) wanted to be anywhere but where the camera was. Running away every chance he could down the Dirt Roads!

  • Drew wasn't feeling 100 % (and We Soon Found Out the Hard way as HE THREW UP DOWN MY ARM)

  • Then Trent Threw his little head back into my face BUSTING MY LIP, which wouldn't stop bleeding! As you can see my one eye is filled with water ;)

  • Trent then BUSTED MY NECKLACE as his clammy little fingers grasped it and pulled it off my neck!
  • Trent then was passed to Jess and somehow managed to pop a few top buttons open giving him the Joe Dirt Look!

All & All it was CRAZY! I TOO HAD HAD ENOUGH for ONCE!

THIS WAS THE VERY LAST IMAGE FROM THAT DAY!! It's Not soo bad from an outsider looking in... But boy was I frazzled by this point!

Hopefully we will look a bit more PUT TOGETHER in ones from earlier in the shoot!
Or Maybe I should just BE REAL and send out an AS IS Christmas Card! After All She Did Do a Great Job at making us look good, for all of the Ruccus we had just put her through!

I may have had enough of the Craziness that day... BUT they better not... for one second think I'm Giving up!!! I'll keep on Keeping On! (a little more Joe Dirt for you)

As I did when I took Both boys to Drew's Preschool Photo Day!

They were a bit better behaved on this morning!

I tell the Johnson Boy's... If they weren't so Great Looking, I wouldn't want to take their picture so much! Really I just can't help myself!


  1. well for starters....you look beautiful. So you pull it together really well. But second, I feel so bad for you!! That is a lot to deal with in one day!!!! But you guys really do look great!

  2. this is DEF something to look back on! you told me drew wasnt feelin good but i had NO idea this is all you went through. Im sorry but like i said its these memories we look back on and laugh! TRUST me the prathers have had a session or two like this!
    & I agree you look BEAUTIFUL as ALWAYS!!!


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