Tuesday, November 23, 2010

29 and Feeling Just Fine

As of Today I am 29 years old!
It seems as if it were JUST YESTERDAY, me and my friends were all driving around wondering what we were going to do for the weekend! Dropping everything and going on Trips, Going to Fabulous Dinners all the time, Celebrating Any and Everything Just because we could, and buying a Brand Spanking new outfit for EVERYTHING! Having No other worries in the world, ohhh those were the dys!School, Dating, planning a wedding, expecting a child, expecting another child, and BAM here I am 29! A Married Mother of two precious, amazing Boys! It seems like just yesterday I was Turning 21, HOW Am I all of the Sudden 29 years old??

I keep Second Guessing myself thinking I must be Wrong?!?!?!

But Yep, It's True! I better enjoy and SOAK up this year for all it's worth! Because it's the last of my 20's :(

I'm completely content at where I am at this age, and am Loving Life, Everyone in it, And


I changed it up FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 29 YEARS, I'm now I'm a BRUNETTE!!

It's not going to stay for too terribly long, because Jess Just can't quite seem to fall in love with it!! I LOVE IT! And I LOVE These Ladies who helped me welcome 29 last night! These Ladies are Very Dear to me & I love each of them.... They Sure Showed me a good time :)

Today has Been Fabulous.... Because of this Wild Weather Jess was home with us today, and the boys spoiled me pretty good!

29 Isn't anything to be overly excited about by any means... It's just Fine... Scared to see how I react to 30! Speaking of 30 My Girlfriend Turns 30 in a couple of weeks, and we are throwing an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER PARTY!! So Needless to say, I should have a Entertaining post to go with it! Hope Everyone has a Wonderful Family Filled Thanksgiving! I have So Much to be thankful for lately! I count my blessing EVERYDAY!


  1. you are sooooooooo hot for 29 my dear :) and i love the brown hair! im glad you had a very very happy birthday my friend!

  2. Cute pics from your b-day dinner! I love the new look, what a great way to celebrate your last year in your twenties!!


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