Saturday, March 26, 2011

Frugal Friday

I take great pride in the fact that I am one frugal mama! I'm always moseying endlessly through stores,  sipping coffee ( people watching) searching for a great deal! It's somehting I enjoy beyond beliefe! Never will  I purchase it if  I don't LOVE it, reguardless of the DEAL!! I am quick to share with friends, in hopes that someone I know can take advantage of my score! This  particular Friday was Worthy of sharing, for I fell in LOVE with Some Super Great Deals!! Ones I had been wanting at full price for a while!!

                I know today is Saturday.. But Friday was a Zippidy Doo Da Horray Kind of Day!

Despite the Dumping Down Rain and Frizzy hair, after dropping Little Man off at Preschool Trent and I went  for a little mommy son shopping! In this case, it was practically Stealing!
I must have somehow been guided in all the right directions! I was originally shopping for my sister Jennifer's new apartment,  when I thought I must have landed on heaven at the sight of a RED TAG on a chair I had been eying for a few weeks.  From 299.00 to 75.00.... YES PLEASE! Come to find out the night before they miss-marked it... AND STILL GAVE ME THAT PRICE! EVERYONE around the register was VERY JEALOUS! I felt like I WON IT!!  Then on to Target for toilet paper and a Ball in the Toy Department.. which is across from Electronics! That was where  I saw out of the corner of my eye another Beautiful RED TAG! Are you sure I asked the young man? "Yes as long as you don't mind if we no longer have the original box."  At over half off who needs a box for this bad boy????

Then off to the Fabric store...

Where I found MY material I use in the shop for 1.00 a yard! It's a upholstery bolt which is normally 24.00 a yard! I couldn't believe my eyes! Needless to say, I bought a LOT of fabric!
What going on? I'm Not sure.. BUT I LIKE IT!
I guess good things come to those who wait????????
All in All.. that Rainy Cruddy Weather may have put a damper on someones day...BUT NOT MINE!

Little Sweet Cheeks posing in the new chair

Just testing out the new Camera on some new Product shots!!
It's just about paid for it's self with the bands I've sold today after displaying them in the shop!
I'll get better at it, I'm sure! Ohh how I've needed this camera!!


 I wonder what else I'll come across, before this luck runs out!

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