Friday, March 4, 2011


Our home sure doesn't feel the same these days! It and everyone in it is missing Mr. Johnson...  I am SO wanting him HOME  for GOOD!  We are really missing that old routine of anxiously awaiting Jess to walk in the door, Serving Dinner,  and having family time! This out of town job was just about to get the best of me... but I'm surprising myself everyday with how smooth things are becoming! We have our own little routine that I've finally got the swing of!
My single parenting skills have soared through the roof! I've learned to do just about any and everything that a man usually does in a household!  If I thought I knew busy, beat, and worked before now I was WRONG! I've recently learned the TRUE meaning of those! I'm running a one woman show, and to tell you the truth am feeling a little SUPER HEROish! But I can't wait for the title of wife, Mama, and Trew Luv lady to be  back! This Mrs. Do it All  title is getting old!  


This song is one of my favorites right now!
You'll soon be addictited too!

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  1. ahhhh Jacklyn you are a super Hero :) & I think you are doing an amazing job! At least every time I run into your beautiful face you are so well put together unlike me, Mrs. SLOB BOB MOM! Keep it up your amazing!


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