Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drab to Fab

                                                             BYE BYE BROWN!!!

Our time together has come to an end!! I don't think I'll ever be allowing you back in my life!! At first you were so tempting, appealing shinny and new.... then you fizzled and faded into something that looked like poo!!

So yesterday my stylist/friend Charity worked her magic and put that little spunk back in my step!

She made my ever so ordinary day into a fantastic feel like a million bucks kinda day!   Had to send this little picture off to the the husband who is yet again out of town..... and he is probably happier than I am about the new locks!

Here's the last  you'll see of this brown haired gal....
Headed home  & Happy!
 He informed me I should have given him his blond wife back for Valentines Day!! What a good idea that would have been.... bummer to disappoint!! Well, better late than NEVER!
  I'm Back!!!


  1. Love it! You look bomb. ANd who knew you were such a poet.


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