Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Angel Kisses

As a child My parents told me that my freckles were angel kisses. Imagine my devastation when I found out that dermatologist refer to them as SUN DAMAGE!

Frankly Put... It's a kind way of saying Sorry little one... you have bummer skin! At least that's how this heavily angel kissed girl feels!

With a body covered in freckles I was the only kid in the my large family who ALWAYS had a sunburn... always had to sit in the shade.. and always had to break to slather  on the Sunscreen! Everyone else has beautiful sun kissed tan's and I always just accumulated Freckles on top of Freckles, and nursed Burn after Burn! As I child I hated them.. then grew to accept that's just how I am. Eventually I grew quite fond of them!                             
              I'm currently on a mission to get that ANGLE KISSED FACE BACK!!

 It seems as if they aren't the only thing you'll notice if you look me in the face! And my new friends... don't have any cute nicknames we can refer to them as!!

This fair skinned Freckled faced girl, is looking rather haggard! I'm blaming my ultra fair, sensitive skin AND recent Exhaustion on them!!

As you know I've been complaining a lot of Mr. Johnson being out of town a BUNCH lately!! I've got this running the ship alone DOWN now... so you won't hear me wine about that anymore!
Since Jess has been gone... I am forced to do most of my work at night! And after recently being brought to my attention, this over worked mama, basically looks like BLEEP .... the truth coming from your darling little sister can be BRUTAL! Spring time is a time I clean, and I recently have been Snazzing EVERYTHING around me up! From new Furniture, new wall art, making a new coffee table,  and even making new bright throw pillows! And then there's the outside, that needs it just as well,  with planting flowers (tomorrows project)! Spring also means more work than I know what to do with! I'm so busy sprucing up everything around me... why don't I take my focus on myself for a change!! 

And I'm afraid it's beginning to show!

 I need to take action and I mean fast!

Here is my plan of attack! This is out of a magazine that came in the mail the same day I REALIZED I HAD HAD IT!! It was a sing... a sing saying GIRL YOU NEED HELP!!!  If I were brave, I'd do a before and after... Give me a couple more days and I might do a week into it BEFORE!! And later down the road AFTER! Monday I went and got the goods.... SO HERE GOES!

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  1. Girl, you are a natural beauty.....wrinkle creams or not! Great post! Love and hugs, Holly


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