Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Because

                                                      Because I LOVE him... I visit him!
             Because I Love his Spot... I spend as much time as possible here!
          Because I Miss Him and I want him to know, I tell him while I'm there!

I've become quite familiar with this place over the last year and 5 months.
I know some people don't want to be buried, but I do!
I think you're not supposed to step on the grave,  but I sit on it... hope that's not bad
I know Some People get scared and uncomfortable about talking about death.... I used to be.
I'd always change the subject, not mention it, not wanting to not upset the loved ones of the deceased!! That's all just silly! I LOVE him... LOVE talking about him... Love everything about him!
People are just now starting to bring him up in conversation to me... And I LOVE that!
His Plot is so beautiful to me.
It's Under a nice Tree, and it's near a big empty pasture.

I get overwhelming feeling of comfort there.
When I'm there....
I'm Proud to be his sister
I'm Honored to be recognized as looking like him as I look at that handsome etched in stone
I'm Blessed to have had him in my life
I'm Grateful for 28 years with him
I'm Lucky to have so many fabulous memories
I'm Hurt because we only got 30 years of him
I feel silly Because I talk to him out loud
I'm Afraid because I don't ever want to feel this again
I'm Happy because I feel so much Peace here


  1. I like this. Your heart is healing.

  2. BEAUTIFUL post Jacklyn! I agree with the above comment! The fact that you now feel joy in discussing your brother and feel comfortable talking to him says it all! I know what you mean about talking out loud when you visit him and feeling silly...I have never lost someone SO close to me but I can only imagine the pain you felt and how good it must feel to feel comfort in visiting and talking to/about your brother!
    Bless you Jacklyn! You are such a strong, amazing, sweet woman!!


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