Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guess whos Back...

Jess is Back!!
And we couldn't be more excited! The boys can't get enough of him... and cling on to him like no other! He can't DO ANYTHING alone! Anything.... including trying to sleep!  BUT I don't blame them! I'm not a fan of a family bed.. But Trent has woke up a couple of ties crying for Daddy (something he NEVER does).  So I quickly go get him, and bring him on in with us... Because I know first hand how much he has missed him!! And Drew wonders in first thing in the morning. The feeling of having all my boys surround me is the best!! Even though I am uncomfortably surrounded with a foot in my chin, so I have no other choice than to get out of bed! 
I forgot what having a husband felt like!  I forgot what a tremendous help he is to us! I am so thankful for his hard work... BUT I'm even more thankful that dreadful job in Nevada is DONE!!

That was miserable!

    Today was MAGGIE'S BIRTHDAY!!

                                                We celebrated last night, and it was a lovely time!


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