Friday, April 8, 2011

Cowboys and Indians

We just celebrated my nephew Brayden's 2nd Birthday! It was a Wild Indian Party! It was the perfect theam for this wild little child! He is into everything.. giving my sweet sister-in-law a good run for her money, as well as a good work out keeping up with him! The Party was a Kick in the Pants! 

We started our Day off at the Colusa Western Days were we watched the boys in the family try and win big! The Boys had a Big time! Trent Is In Love with anything that involves Cow's and Drew could care less! He was all about hanging with the Big Boys! 
And of course these cute little guys stold the show!

Then we were off To One WILD INDIAN Party
let me tell you!!

 Turns Out the Most fun of the Day was held at the after Party!
After all the guests had gone is when the real party began! 

 How could we expect for little Brayden to be anything short of a Wild Indian... when this is what he as to look up too!!  Seems a if the Real Wild Indians were the Mamas!!

 Look at Sweet Little Brayden's Smile Looking down at his nut of a mother after she just did a double back flip down the Bounce Palace!! Funnest Party Investment EVER!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Little Muffin!!

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