Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Wonderful Easter Weekend

Well The Easter Bunny paid us a Visit! At Both Our house as Well As Mimi & Papa's!  We Spend Easter with the In-Laws in the Wild West!

The Bunny Came!
We Ate Fabulous Food!
Fished until we got sick of catching!
And Rode Sweet Pea the Pony!
And speaking of Pee... Trent for the first time announced his having to pee pee all my himself, and did his mama proud!! Is it still called potty Training if it's not done in the potty???

                               Here is a PEEP ;) at our Easter Out West!

                    We Did the home deal, Headed to church then to the Easter/Sallies Birthday Celebration!
Mimi's Pig Pickin' Cake is to die for!! I'll share the recipe later!!

A Few Family Shots of the Sister-in-laws with their families! Shannon & Jennifer Joined in the Johnson Easter... SINCE OUR MOTHER IS IN PARIS!! Must be nice!!
Rides with Sweet Pea The Poney

Somebody had to pee pee... YAY TRENT
Hope Everyone had a wonderful Easter!!!


  1. That Picture of Trent Peeing is classic! Looks like you had a good Easter!!!

  2. like me to hold it while u pee? play with too if u like make u feel reaaaaaaaaaly good


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