Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trew Luv = Drew & Trent my loves

As most of you know, I recently started a very side hobby of making a little this and that's! Well I'm tickled to pieces that I this little side endeavour is sort of BLOWING UP!! I can't believe it! Who knew that ME a mother of two boys...would be in various shops selling girly goods!! I started off with little girl flower hats & headbands. But now I must admit I'm mostly loving making mama (women/girl) goodies! Giving them away as gifts has been a great blessing in return! People are noticing them & wanting them! So needless to say my little fingers are a flying making headbands and hair clips & I'm loving every second of it! Not to mention the MONEY!!! heheh!!

TREW LUV = inspired by Drew & Trent combined = both my loves :) Love spelt with a U = and upside down horseshoe is LUCKY :)

If you are reading this & you want one?!? Let me will be my gift to you!

Tell me exactly what you want me to make & it's yours :)


  1. Oh I love it Jacklyn! GREAT work! You should be proud! I love the irony of having all boys and selling headbands just about as girly as you can get! lol! And the branding is such a great play on your boys names. You are so thoughtful! It's always good to see great things happening to wonderful people!

  2. Thanks girly!! I really want you to wear one..& I know you love flowers in your hair! So i'm making you one...what color do you want?

  3. Oh my goodness! You are way too sweet! And you know me too well! I love a good flower in my hair! And I trust your taste so choose for me! Can't wait! :) I need something to remind me spring is coming (besides Target!)!

  4. I want one!! But I am paying girl!! No ifs, ands, or buts! Can I please have a head band and a clip??

  5. Cute, Cute! (Got here from a link on Melissa's page!) Where in town do you sell them?? I can't wait to make our little girl a girly-girl with bows and flowers and such!

  6. Taylor Family- I hope to have a hand in Glamming up your baby Girl!! They are sold at Twigs...but I mainly do custom orders....Let me know I'd love to make something special for you!!


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