Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Adevnture

Yesterday was a huge day for little Drew...he started a New Adventure in his little life! He had his very first day of Preschool. It isn't just your average preschool. We are so excited that he is now a student at New Adventures Preschool! Drew was placed on a wait list about a year and a half ago. YES a wait list! You know somewhere is GREAT when the there is #1 a wait list and #2 one that is years long!! Not only was it a huge day for my little guy...but one for mama as well! Drew has been at home with me since the day he was born...minus a few slumber party's with his Grandparents. It's been him and I for years now!! I literally bit my fingernails all day, I missed him so much!! I knew he was having the time of his life, but I was a basket of emotions! I seriously cannot believe that I have a child old enough to be in Preschool! It breaks my heart that he is growing so fast! I want to cuddle him in my arms forever! It's a great start for both of us being only two days a week! Stephanie Pasquali, the owner is a true angel...I dearly love her!! She has been a past neighbor and loyal CAbi customer but has now become a friend!! One I am very blessed to have! I couldn't be happier to leave him in the care of anyone else!!
WELL BESIDES SHANNON...who too has a Daycare that Drew would probably rather be at! If we were closer to Aunt Shannon we would be there to play every day!! But until that day comes ;) New Adventures it is!!


  1. I know that feeling..."Am I old enough to have a preschooler?" I often wonder how I have a 1st grader! I tell Colby he is making an old woman out of me! :)

    And Drew looks proud as punch in that picture! Adorable!

  2. I went to New Adventures!!!!! Yay!! What a mixture of emotions for you! Very exciting!

  3. You luck duck Melissa....that place is awesome!!


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