Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Home from the Holidays

We are now home from our Holiday Travels. We had a VERY different holiday experience this year. Not only were we missing Jake tremendously this Christmas, a huge storm had us in all different places for Christmas. Needless to say we finally had a Christmas on Dec 29th. Regardless to when Santa was able to reach the kids, we eventually were ALL TOGETHER, and it felt nice! I was told a few weeks ago that for this Holiday Season we should change it up a little, and do things a tad bit different. Doing this might make things a little easier, rather than doing the same old routing dwelling on how strange it was to have Jake gone!! Maybe the horrific Oklahoma City Storm, was a blessing in disguise...because of that storm things were anything but routine! I still am trying to figure out a positive outlook as for why our luggage was lost for 5 days...NOTHING LIKE WEARING THE SAME CLOTHES FOR 5 DAYS IN A ROW!!!!!

A peek at our Texas Christmas Adventures!!

Stacie and Ricky decided to plan some fun activities. They suggested bowling..we had a vote and bowling we went!! I have never been a fan of bowling until now!! We had a blast! Here is the whole crew minus James...he had flown home the night before:(

A common occurrence around Grandma & Grandads house! Although this was our first night there & there were not enough adults for the usual game of hand and foot (our favorite card game) So we resorted to a little Jump frog! A game grandma had bought for the boys...wound up being one of my favorite games of all time! Check out my amazing photography of frogs mid air...(it only took about 20 try's)

Lucky Me

To be surrounded by so many handsome boys. This was the first time I have ever visited Walden bunch as a grown up, and I'm so happy I did! I had a great time & sure love these boys!
Tel & John Kelly Walden

Santa Came
Santa visited my boys on Dec 29th, due to a little Reindeer & Sleigh problems "CONTINENTAL AIRLINES lost out luggage for 5 days"

Joe's Boot Shop
Uncle Joe and Aunt Darla's Boot shop & Country Junction is by far one of our favorite places on earth! Not a Texas trip goes by that we don't go spend WAY TOO much money on the boys!! We LOVE it there! And of course LeAl's Mexican food while in Clovis!
A New Gun for ME!
I'm as happy as can be!! I have asked Jess of a gun for as long as I have been with him...and my Amazing Grandad was generous enough to give me a double barrel shotgun out of his very own gun case!! I ADORE IT!! And can't wait to show up the guys at the next trap shooting!! I have never owned my own gun!!!! I Will keep it forever, I love it!!!

Traveling in Style "Van Halen Style That Is"
Chris And Kristi drove us from Hereford to Mom's house in OK. The trip started off with a snow storm...but turned into a beautiful day! We took their 40 foot RV (Chris told Jennifer it was Van Halen's old bus, and she bought it!) She text all of her friends, Silly girl! We had a blast..never has traveling with babies been such a pleasure!! Thanks Chris And Kristi WE LOVE YOU!


New Years Day Mom and her Grand babies baking away!


Some more Colby's Grill eatin'!! Visiting Jennifer at Work!

That about summs it up!! Hope evryone had a very Merry Christmas, and has a HAPPY, HEALTHY, BLESSED NEW YEAR!
I think we will, we all ate our Black Eyed Peas on New Years Day!

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  1. I do not even think I want to run into you with a shot gun! lol! I'm glad you had a safe Christmas through all your travels! Memories your family will treasure forever for sure!


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