Thursday, January 14, 2010


Wardrobe Changes that is! Lately for my little Drew there have been AT LEAST 6 or 7 A DAY! And they aren't just your basic change of clothes or jammie's. It's a full on Character Change. Each with a new name for himself and act to follow!! He has quite the imagination. There is rarely a dull moment around here....nor a clothes free bedroom floor for Drew.

Since my last post was ALL Trent, I figured I'd even things out with a Drew post! So I have literally ran for the camera each time he turns the hallway corner with a NEW OUTFIT/IDENTITY! Here is what we have captured between yesterday & today...


Here we have "a worker" Handy Many that is.

Behold KNIGHT Drew

ARGHH MATEY!! Captain Drew and his Pirate Ship

49er Drew

"I'm going to do a little surfing" Drew said.

So as you can see things are a bit Ridiculous! Obviously by the looks of this photo below he has gotten the idea that he is getting major attention by his changes. And has now made his way into Mommy & Daddy's closet...and has dressed himself in MY purple top & Daddy's Jeans & shoes!!

So that's enough of that! Jammie's are on and the room is clean....NO more changes until tomorrow!!


  1. LOVE it! My boys love to dress up too...who says girls have more fun! :) My favorite is 49er Drew! Billy would die if the boys had costumes like that!

  2. He is jussssssssst like his mama! I love this so much! My fav is the pirate!.. I'm kinda sad to see he's grown out of the chapstick stick and heals wearing stage and in to muchhhh manlier things. haha


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