Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jake's Birthday

Yesterday Jan 4th, would have been Jake's 31st birthday! Instead of sitting around being sad I decided that we should go ahead and do what he had requested just a couple of months ago! He announced he wanted his birthday at Cool Hand Luke's this year...my my goodness that's what we did! He has some pretty fantastic friends, who I love! They are pretty Great guys if you ask me! I wish so badly he was there! It was just one year ago when we were all together celebrating his 30th birthday at a big bash Levi & Katie threw for him at the Rosser's!
Yesterday I went to his grave and took a big planter full of flowers. I can't wait for his headstone to be done!! The grounds keepers finally planted seed! Just the day before I had stopped by and sprinkled dirt I had brought home from Grandad & Grandma's house! I hope he had a great Birthday in Heaven & saw us at his party...I miss him so much!!


  1. What a great sister you are Jacklyn! It looks like it was a lovely time and I can't believe how many little boys are in that photo! :) And I too hate how long the headstones can take. I remember visiting my Grandpa's burial spot and wishing it was done already!

  2. ..that was an amazing idea. I really love it. And I know Jake loved it too.


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