Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain Rain Go AWAY!!

I am so over this rain! It's most defiantly cramping my style! Not just because it make it miserable to go out and about with the kiddos, but it has Jess stuck at home too! Don't get me is fantastic having him at home to spend good quality time with us! BUT, being a stay at home mom, I kinda have a routine that we are set with around here! And Jess has his own ideas of how it should be ran around here!!

But that's the least of my complains! Dry weather pays our bills! This RAIN makes it impossible for him to can't really operate heavy equipment on soggy ground! So, since I don't see it drying up anytime soon, it looks like I'll have to re-write our daily routine! :) One that's more suitable for my darling husband! One that includes a little Sports Network....rather than cartoons & Food or Style Network.It has me cooking Bulkier meals suitable for a grown man rather than whipping up quick breakfast & lunch for Drew.

I feel horrible for him, I do know that he loves spending time with us. But he is such a Hard working man sitting around the house drives him crazy. That's why you wont find him sitting EVER...he is constantly doing something! Which then makes me feel like I have to no lazy rainy days around here! NAZI Jess has this place in tip top shape! I love him so much....BUT I sure wish this rain would stop!!!!!!!

My Hunk of a Husband at Work on Dry Dirt ....... what a BEAUTIFUL SIGHT right????

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  1. Oh my goodness, this made me laugh! I am the same way! Of course we love our husbands, but I constantly find myself wishing Billy was back at work when its his day off! lol! I am just so much more productive with him gone! I too have my set routine and he just throws it all out of whack with his lounging, reading, and political cartoon drawing! lol! And then it throws the kids off too! It makes me wonder what retired life will be like! haha!


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