Saturday, September 18, 2010


I think everything happens for a reason!

Like whats the reason I was the only neighbor to not hear a single siren, firetruck or helicopter the other day! I was home..... Happy I didn't though! I don't think I could have handled it...IN FACT I KNOW I COULDN'T HAVE HANDLED IT!!!!!!!

A couple of doors down, 2 days ago a family's world became SHATTERED with the death of a father & a husband! This has me so shaken up, feeling sick! I feel helpless but know at the sametime I need to go down and speak, and of course I'll make food... I know all too well what need to be done for a family after a loss! Maybe, there is a reason I live just doors down from them!! The wife is expecting, and they have small children! One in which always stoped and chatted as he and his father walked to get the mail!

This song is something I came across today....

This family will be in my prayers, and I hope yours too! THEY NEED PRAYERS, as they face life ahead of them!!!!! And wish me well, as I go down there tomorrow... I have knots in my stomach! Hopefully I can be of some comfort to this woman and her children, considering I know exactly what they are going through! Hopefully be of some help to them during this horrible time. Maybe only if it's by my prayers! We have no clue what awaits us tomorrow! Love one another..... Be kind to one another.... Don't hold grudges... Make the best of your time here! LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR!


  1. I am proud of you. You are tough, still, tougher than before, just different. You never know, you may be the only one who truly does help them. xo

  2. You will be amazing! You are such a kind person with a HUGE heart. I will kept this family in my prayers...


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