Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Lovely Labor Day

Yesterday we had such a fun day! We hit the road early in the morning for a day full of fun at the Nicolaus Labor Day Parade! That town is so full of character and county goodness! I adore it! Jess and his brother entered the Horseshoe tournament just like they do every year! This year I had all bets on them to bring home the Championship Trophy!! They seem to always end up second place! WELL... The outcome wasn't so great!
They did NOT win, nor did they take second place!! POOOOOOO!!
But we had a wonderful day none the less!Trent playing with Drew's Motorcycle in his Thrashed from the filthy dirt stroller!
Drew & His Buddy Ruby Playing in the Tree

And Finally a Family Picture to end the day!

Drew with his wooden gun , along with his snake painting up his arm! And one very tuckered out Trent! And a VERY Yucky looking mama! I should have grabbed my glasses for this one! It was one of those days for me!! Nicolaus being a small town near where I grew up, we know everyone!! Everyone there we don't see often & I hadn't seen a bunch of them since Jake's funeral! He was a topic brought up by many!! So Everywhere I turned were sweet familiar faces that welcomed me with great hugs and love... and many many fond memories of my brother! I heard a bunch of wonderful stories! I guess people might figure ENOUGH time has passed that I should be able to chat about him without chocking up!! Trying to fight back the tears was a rough one... and as you can see from my make up free face... I wasn't so lucky!!

It was a LOVELY Day.....

And as for that Horseshoe Tournament... WE'LL GET EM NEXT YEAR!!!

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  1. I love this post!! Bummed we could not make it this year! I love the little town I came from. It is so special.. So glad to hear you and the boys feel the same way:) And p.s you look great in this photo!
    xoxo Charity


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