Friday, September 3, 2010

I want to Give you some Luv

Trew Luv that is!!

A few days ago I was contacted by a Photographer who has a pretty huge following out of the Dallas Fort Worth area. She wanted to Feature my Etsy Shop on her blog! I was honored.... I tell ya those Texas women have some Great taste! Well, that was just after I had been contacted by the amazing talented publisher of Our Community's finest new Publication Me and Mine.... {Which my accessories happen to be on the font cover of}! Anyhow... she too wanted to feature me & my little booming business :) To Say the Least I'm pretty excited about all of this!

I'm so excited about giving goodies to the lucky winners of each give away!!

Click HERE for the Local Giveaway

And HERE to enter to win a 30.00 Trew Luv credit from Trew Luv's Etsy shop!

If you win A little something like this could be yours

Go and enter to win!!
Good Luck my Luv's ;)


  1. this is awesome girl!!! you are so talented and have a heart of gold! Great things are happening for you and you soooooo deserve it! Keep it up my friend!

  2. So happy for you!!! Love your stuff!!! It's adorable!

  3. So happy for you Jack! I love Trew Luv. Will you email me the rest of the pics Jessica did? I'm just curious how they turned out. Thanks:)


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