Tuesday, September 21, 2010

While Daddy's Away

His Family will Play! And that's just what we did!

This weekend Jess was out of town on Tahoe, leaving us behind! Even though we missed him, we SURE HAD SOME FUN! We ate dinner out side one night then read every book in the house, instead of watching TV! I've come to realize we need more books, because I think I know them all by heart!

Saturday we were up & at em bright and early and headed to the local Farmers Market! Played around the water fountain, and bought gobs & gobs fruit & veggies!! Which should be the only thing I consume from here until forever.... since..... well I'll go more into detail about that tomorrow!! That evening we had a Movie, Pizza & Popcorn Party as Drew Requested! Please Note I had a salad :)

I stayed up until 3 AM Both Nights fulfilling orders! That is a tad bit later, than usual! But lately My head is spinning with the amount of business I'm receiving!

Sunday was A fun day with Church, Lunch with Shannon & her boy's then a Bridal show with my girlfriend Maggie! Don't ask why we went!! Well actually we went to see some friends model in the Fashion Show, and to my surprise I spotted some Trew Luv on the heads of the Flower Girls in the show! I was approached a couple different ladies and asked if I was Jacklyn of Trew Luv (HUGE GRIN)! And on another instance I was asked if that was Trew Luv I was wearing on my head.... from someone who had NO idea who I was (Another HUGE GRIN)! It's amazing how word gets around in a Small town!

After that we Spent a Lovely Day at the Lomas House! Where Our WILD Boy's proved to us How Wild they Truly are!!

That is the Garden hose That Trent brought inside!!

Our Precious Little Baby's Brayden & Trent enjoying Poplickles (as the boy's call them)

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