Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Absoutely Not Having It....

Amongst our Hectic weekend we still managed to make it to the Gold Counrty Fair! We had Drew entered in another Mutton Bustin! He was supposed to ride in the PBR in Auburn on Saturday Night!!! Well LET'S just say.... that DID NOT HAPPEN!! Under no circumstances was he going anywhere near that arena!! He at first was too small & then all of the sudden he was to big!! Then he said they were just too BUCKY & QUICK!! Never admitting he was scared or didn't like it....

Regardless to his reason he was NOT HAVING IT!!
He sat in the stands and watched the other kids ride, and was just as happy as can be!
He informed us that he was a Cowboy, and Cowboys ride Horses NOT SHEEP!!

So his Glorious Mutton Bustin Days are Done!! And that is fine by me...

My Sweet Cowboy, on a horse...NOT A SHEEP!!

And of course No fair would be complete without some rides and Carnival games!!

YES... that is a new Fish you see!! Benny now has a replacement...Meet Peter Pan!

The lamest fish ever... he just stares at the glass all day!! I still miss Benny!

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  1. OMG I love it!! As always:) I always get a little chuckle out of your posts:)


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