Friday, August 20, 2010

"Let's Go"

Mr. Jabber Jaw's is beginning to make some since! Trent has a new favorite saying & it's Let's Go to EVERYTHING! He runs to the door with shoes and says OVER & OVER Let's Go!! First thing in the morning when he wants a sippy cup of milk he let's me know it by saying let's go! In the Car he shakes his head yes and claps while repeating over & over Let's Go! In the afternoon after his nap he lets me know he's awake by yelling "mama let's go"!

So Basically he's really good at saying Let's Go! Let's go has never sounded sweeter, it even looks cute with a puckered mouth and all! Here is a video just to share his cuteness!

Again Pardon my voice... I have the hardest time listening to myself.....

In my head I sound NOTHING like that!

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