Monday, August 30, 2010

Reporting In

Julie's Birthday was a Blast!Our Luxurious Day Spent at the pool!

Followed by VIP'S, Front of the line, Fabulous Dinners, and Super Fun nights!
But, Boy am I one sleepy mama!

And the blisters on my tootsies are a whole different story!

It was Great to be with Julie for her Birthday, and as excited as we both were to go to Vegas, it was a whole new ball game. Even though she was a previous dancer for The Sacramento Kings, who is no Stranger to Vegas, we were both so out of our element! We were VERY ready to get home to our babies, and missed them the whole time! By the way Julie has the most adorable set of boy girl TWINS! I was so happy to see my sweet boys, when they picked me up at the airport! We headed for a Lunch Date at Jennifer's Restaurant which was her last Day of Work in California.....

That's a whole new story... sniff :(


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