Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birthday's & Buckaroo's

Jess' Birthday party had me busy.... so did the bazillion Trew Luv orders that bombarded me at the end of July! July had my head spinning! I AM SO HAPPY WE HAVE NO BIRTHDAYS FOR A GOOD WHILE! I'm about to play a little catch up here! Jess' Birthday was last Thursday, we did nothing special that day for him, because Drew was entered to Mutton Bust in the Mikel J. Moreno Memorial PBR! { Mikel was a fantastic young man who passed away 4 years ago to cancer. His family owns Flying U Rodeo, and are great friends of my families} The PBR is a great event in his honor...if you are local you should catch the show next year at the fair!

So when Jess got home on his Birthday we headed to the Fair for the evening! Drew did pretty well!! He rode the furthest into the arena, further than any other child...which really wasn't that far at all! Mama was still proud!

Here the 30 year old is...He's pretty chipper...I hear 30 isn't that bad!

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  1. how cute are you in that hat?!?! and don't get me started on drew!! He is going to LOVE having these pictures when he is older! And don't you love that feeling when birthdays are done for awhile? Especially with all the effort you put into that surprise party!


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