Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FAIRwell Benny

Last night we lost our beloved State Fair Fish Benny! Amongst all of our fair experiences this summer, we gained a new member in the Johnson household! He was quickly named Benny, and quickly became Drew's buddy! That fishy had some character let me tell you! His life was extremely short lived, 2 weeks here in our home, but I'm really going to miss him fluttering around on my counter top!!

Benny wasn't the only thing we brought home from the State Fair...great memories were made as well! We made a fun packed day out of it! With a VIP pass we had no choice to DO EVERYTHING! And believe me we saw it ALL!!
Drew entered the open mutton Bustin to sharpen up on his skills!

We even caught the races!

We Rode EVERY RIDE that caught our eye!

BUT the most fun of all was Bringing home Benny! We live in Town, so Drew's animals are at his Grandparents Ranch. Benny was Drew's first little pet here at the house. When we got home yesterday Jennifer noticed his slugish sideways swim....I panicked doing everything I could to make him come back....hours later he has gone! Drew happened to be in the bath at the time, so quickly he was flushed! :( BOOO for loosing Benny, but "Jake's got a fishy to play with in Heaven", says Drew!

Farewell Benny!!

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  1. fun fun fun Jacklyn! hope your weekend is grand! xoxo


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