Sunday, August 15, 2010


Leaving the children at home with daddy, while running a few errands....Fabulous Idea RIGHT? I always jump at the opportunity to run a quick errand alone! It's a rare occasion that I get to run in & out of a store lickidy split feeling free as a bird....

So I leave home and am back in no time! Jess is giving the boys a bath, so I walk back to find Jess with a huge Smerk on his face wile holding Trent in a towel!! I smile and look at them both, WONDERING WHAT THAT SMERKS ALL ABOUT?!?!? WELL, let me start of by telling you that my charming husband is in huge TROUBLE!!!! HUGE, GINORMOUS, TERRIBLE TROUBLE!!!

That son of a gun BUZZED my precious baby's head! Making a number of nicks, which required it to be buzzed even shorter! Making him look like a COMPLETE WRECK!!

Sure I'll admit that these photos taken the other day show that his hair was a bit unruly, and in desperate need of a HAIRCUT, please note I said HAIRCUT... NOT BUZZ!!

Here is the aftermath of the Buzz! It doesn't look half bad in these photo's but trust's a mess! So much for a handsome little man's comb over for a while!!

I feel sick, and Jess laughs saying It's not as easy as it will grow!

So while we are on the hair topic. I'll close with these! Jess is busy ruining heads, while I'm busy accessorizing them! Here are some Trew Luv pieces I have done this week!
A bride's Something Blue!! Large Navy Peony hair comb bridal piece custom made for one super gorgeous bride who was married Yesterday!

And Clips in many colors!
These little puppies are flying out the door, as quickly as I can crank em out!

My fingers are LITERALLY throbbing!

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  1. how much for ALL of the flowers :) I love em all! & oh my on the haircut. ;) I would be mad too if it were me but he is ADORABLE!!! I got dibs on him For my Lillie!


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